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When it comes to eating healthy, this cafe aims to help practice what you preach. Bondi’s PREACH cafe offers a contemporary health-focused menu with all the organic essentials you would expect with a middle-eastern flavour twist featuring all the classics from fresh made Hummus, Falafel and Fettouch salad, to sizzling skewers and Lamb Kofta. Add to this protein shakes for the gym junkies, organic cold press juices and great ONA coffee and you’ve got a Bondi winner. after a morning surf or for lunch. We were engaged to created the brand, signage and interior design. Reflecting the modern menu simple lines and sustainable finishes were utilised , working with the existing site as much as possible to keep costs down. The raw textured state of the walls after demolition and the use of recycled Australian timbers deliver sustainable design and reference the natural coastal beauty of Bondi.

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