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| Restaurant Design at Bondi Beach |

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| Restaurant Design at Bondi Beach |

We were enlisted by vegan-devotees, Simon Hill and Tanya Smart, to design the brand and interior of their new Bondi Beach restaurant, Eden, in an ethically sensitive and visually uplifting design. Taking inspiration from their entirely plant-based menu and the world-renowned Bondi Beach setting, our intent was to create a light, airy, plant-infused space highlighted by a variety of textures generating positive energy to match the positive intent of the menu and the textures and atmosphere of the coastal beach setting.

Warm, soft apricot tones, brass features, plantation style furnishing and recycled timbers are offset against the abundant plantings that bring nature from the outside in, emulating Eden’s culinary intentions. White terrazzo, speckled tiles, Linen curtains and reclaimed fern green stone help convey the natural coastal feel, connecting with the Bondi location. The use of sustainable and recycled materials as much as possible throughout the fitout was of course critical to both our brand ethos and value, including the terracotta half-pipes, which make a striking feature bar that complements the soft limewash apricot and bone of the walls and stimulates apetites. A simple paint finish was preferred over any kind of cladding or material application to the walls to keep costs down and avoid wastage. Aiming to maintain a fine balance between minimalism and texture simple but elegant pendant lighting were utilised throughout, allowing the finishes to be hero. One of my favourite features of the entire space is the ‘Cozy Corner’ which emerged out of a challenge to utilise an awkward, tight nook at the end of the dining area – now the perfect romantic table for two.

In an age where the world needs to play serious catch-up in terms of cleaning up and protecting our environment, Eden is a celebration of ethical eating and sustainability.

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